Getting Kids to Read


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Encouraging Younger Children to Read:
• Let them choose their own books – it’s fine for you to make a few suggestions but let them have some ownership over the final choice

• Read together – there’s nothing like snuggling up together for a bedtime story

• Let them have a go at difficult words first, maybe two attempts, before you jump in. You can offer a helpful strategy first such as “what’s the first sound in the word?”

• Talk about what is happening in the book. You can do this either during the reading or afterwards. This is great for comprehension. You can ask questions such as
How is the main character similar/different from you?
What was the main problem in the book?
How did the character solve the problem?
Can you think of a different ending for this book? – but remember to keep it fun!

• Have lots of books and magazines in your house and let your child see you reading for pleasure

For older kids:

Most of the above still applies (let them choose, read together, let them see you reading!). In addition:

• Encourage them to swap books with their friends

• Visit your local library together regularly (younger kids, too, of course!)

• Encourage them to keep a book with them at all times for when they’re traveling or waiting or just plain bored.

2 thoughts on “Getting Kids to Read

  1. Lee, these are wonderful tips to help develop and increase a child’s love of reading. I have always loved to read and I am seeing my young granddaughter have the same joy of books. Thank you also for mentioning trips to the library. As a retired public librarian, I have witnessed the tremendous benefits that libraries can offer their patrons!

    • Hi Connie,
      Oh, we love the library in this house! And why wouldn’t we? Hundreds of great books to choose from that don’t cost a cent 🙂
      I’m glad you liked the tips – thanks for stopping by.

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